Associates & Affiliates

Dr. Paul C. Marsh
Owner and PI
Ph.D. 1979, University of Minnesota
Ecology and Conservation of Southwestern Fishes

Dr. Marsh's research deals broadly with aquatic ecology in the arid southwest, with emphasis on the community of imperiled native fishes of the region (the suite of indigenous taxa occupying a diversity of aquatic habitats in western United States and Mexico). Laboratory investigations supplement a strong field program examining basic life history characteristics and population and community biology. These pursuits go hand-in-hand with applied management in behalf of target species. Activities are strongly collaborative with academia, state and federal resource agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

Beverly Ross
General Manager
B.S. Accountancy, National University

Beverly has worked as a contractor for the Native Fish Lab since 2009 and became a full time employee August of 2014. Her love of the outdoors makes her office work easy to be passionate about. She is also the Treasurer of Marsh Education, and dedicated to get Sharing Tails back in Arizona schools.

Brian Kesner
Senior Project Manager
M.S. 2004, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

Brian is interested in quantitatively assessing the status and trends of ‘big river’ native fish stocks in the Colorado River. His approach uses standard statistical techniques but he also is developing and applying techniques that are unique to the type of data available and the difficulties associated with data for species that are rare and reintroduced. He also likes to get his feet wet occasionally and assists with monitoring programs throughout the Colorado River basin in Arizona and farther a field. Brian has worked with Dr. Marsh and the Native Fish Lab since 1998.

Carol Pacey
Project Manager
M.S. 1996, Texas A&M University

Ms. Pacey has been with the Native Fish Lab since 1998 and plays multiple roles within the organization. She developed and presents statewide the wildly successful "Sharing Tails" educational program that teaches kindergarten and early elementary school children about native Arizona fishes (see the link above and on our home page). She also is responsible for primary maintenance of the lower Colorado River native fishes PIT tag mark and recapture database and analyzes and interprets field data for reports and publications. When not too busy with other duties she assists with field and laboratory work, makes presentations to professional groups, attends meetings, and interacts with M&As myriad cooperators.

Jamie Wisenall
Fisheries/Aquatic Biologist
M.S. 2011, Miami University

Jamie moved from Kentucky to Arizona in June of 2013 to join the Native Fish Lab. At M&A, Jamie is the lead on a project monitoring razorback sucker in Lake Mohave; she also creates presentations and technical documents for various projects, serves on the outreach and social media team for the Desert Fishes Council, and was an assistant during an acoustic telemetry project on Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. Prior to her beginnings at M&A, Jamie discovered her interest in aquatic science through an internship at the Thomas More College Biology Field Station and subsequently received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Thomas More. Jamie went on to earn her Master of Environmental Science Degree from Miami University with a concentration in water resources. Before joining the M&A team, she worked with the ORSANCO biological survey crew to monitor health of small streams and rivers in the Ohio River watershed. Jamie is trained in CPR, first-aid, and boater’s safety.

Kristen Humphrey
Fisheries/Aquatic Biologist
M.S. 2012, Florida State University

At the Native Fish Lab, Kristen effectively leads a variety of projects including acoustic and radio telemetry studies with bonytail chub on Lake Havasu, non-native fish removal in Bonita Creek, and most recently GIS-mapping and collection of Amargosa pupfish in Death Valley National Park. Prior to beginning at Marsh & Associates in January of 2014, Kristen was in Alaska monitoring juvenile salmon. Kristen is a Florida native and earned both a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science and a Master of Science in Aquatic Environmental Science from Florida State University. Kristen is a certified SCUBA diver, trained in swift water and wilderness rescue, and CPR and first-aid certified. She’s also an incredible hiking guide!

Brittany Woodward
Fisheries Assistant
B.S. 2013, Colorado State University

Brittany’s role as a fisheries assistant at Marsh & Associates includes many duties. Not only is she is able to assist with a variety of field projects, but she also leads construction of our remote PIT scanning antennas, manages the Minckley Library and other website maintenance, and performs data entry and report writing as needed. Before making her move to the southwest, Brittany attended a magnet high school specifically focused on environmental sciences in New Jersey, where she grew up. She realized her passion early and went on to further her education at Colorado State University. Brittany earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at CSU and concentrated specifically on fish and aquatic sciences. As a fisheries professional, Brittany has served as a research technician with the Fisheries Ecology and Larval Fish laboratories at CSU, a hatchery technician with the Black Lake Sturgeon Facility at Michigan State University, and as a biological assistant with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Brittany joined M&A in September of 2014. She is a certified SCUBA diver and trained in CPR and first-aid.

Wesley Goldsmith
Fisheries Assistant
Wesley is a new-hire who started December 1. Stay tuned for more details about him!