Desert Fishes Team

The Desert Fishes Team (Team) has produced a series of three reports on Gila River basin fishes.
These reports deal with the status of federal and state listed warm water fishes (Report 1), the status of unlisted warm water fishes (Report 2), and the implementation of approved recovery plans for federal listed species (Report 3).  Titles follow, accompanied by links to PDF files of each report.  Printed copies may be requested by writing to:

Desert Fishes Team, P.O. Box 16815, Phoenix, AZ 85011-6815.

The Team is an independent group of scientists, biologists, and individuals interested in protecting and conserving native fishes of the lower Colorado River basin.  It was formed to fill the void left by the 2002 disbanding by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of its Desert Fishes Recovery Team.  The Team includes personnel from state and federal agencies, academia, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.  The content or opinion expressed in its reports do not necessarily represent views, policies, or official positions of any other entity, including agencies, institutions, or organizations that may employ Team participants.