Marsh & Associates (M&A) have a diversified research portfolio that is sure to fit your needs. M&A has had full-time professional staff engaged in research, monitoring, and management of native and other fishes throughout the lower Colorado River system including the Gila River basin of Arizona and New Mexico. M&A thus is both knowledgeable of and thoroughly familiar with the natural resources, operational systems, and attendant issues in the Gila River Basin. We specifically have extensive experience in (1) monitoring warmwater native (and other) fishes in streams of the Gila River basin of Arizona and New Mexico, (2) data entry and database management, (3) presenting project results to sponsors and partners, and (4) documentation of project results through comprehensive reports to sponsors.

M&A has an extensive inventory of vehicles, standard fishery sampling equipment to (for example, backpack electrofisher, seines, hoop and trap nets, gill and trammel nets, angling gear), and field support gear (for example back packs, tents, canopies, stoves, camp and kitchen support) necessary to perform field fish monitoring. Replacement equipment could be purchased as part of a new agreement. M&A staff occupy modern, well-equipped, and conveniently located office/laboratory/warehouse spaces with up-to-date computer hard- and software where meetings, data entry, and report preparation all are facilitated.

Since 1981 Marsh has continuously held state and federal permits that authorize work with threatened and endangered species including all the target and other species that occupy the Gila River system, and has held all other permits and authorizations as necessary to perform work of the nature described in the sources sought notice.